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Plymouth Depot

Plymouth Depot


Coffee & Chocolates Ice cream


My daughter and I have always wanted to own some type of sweetsstore and we talked about it often. We own a small building next to our photography studio which we decided would be perfect for our store. After much consideration on the type of business, we came up with a candy store concept like no other in the area. Our plan was to start renovations in October 2016. That plan had to be put on hold when my daughter was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at the beginning of October 2016. During her 6 month treatment, I found it nearly impossible to find snacks and sweet treats that were good for her. This set in motion my desire to offer healthier options to people like my daughter and anyone looking to make a healthier lifestyle change with their sweets and snacks. Once my daughter gained her health back, we moved forward creating a retail space for specialty sweets and snacks. Our style lends to the boutique atmosphere when you enter our store. We have a variety of snacks and sweets along with novelty items that can be purchased as gifts oryou can create your own care package to be sent to family or friends.Along with ourretail store, we will also be offering waysto purchase our specialty organic sweets and healthy snacks, and old-time favorites online. We will be offering gift boxes, care packages, novelty items, bulk candy, candy buffets and more, all within your reach through our Shop Online button at

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