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Serendipity Ice Cream Novelties LLC

Serendipity Ice Cream Novelties LLC


Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt Novelty Ice Cream Cart


We LOVE Ice Cream novelties and welcome the opportunity to make you HAPPY! Invite the COOLEST Ice Cream Carts in the WORLD to your next Event! We are PURVEYORS of HAPPINESS! Let's have FUN!

Novelties: We serve only pre-packaged ice cream novelties.

Remember your “favorite” –Toasted Almond, Chocolate Éclair, Strawberry Shortcake, Choco Taco, Klondike Bar, Push-up Pops,  King Cones, the classic Ice Cream Sandwich, Bomb Pop, Fudge Pop...

We have access to them all and even some that you may not be familiar with.

Our Ice Cream Carts: We have 3 electric 1930's style Ice Cream carts.

1 Push cart that can fit thru 30" doorways and elevators for office events.

Each Ice cream cart has a professional freezer that can each hold 300-500 ice cream novelties.

Beverage Cart: A pull along Beverage cart is also available for your event. This cart uses ice to keep drinks cold and can be pulled by any of the 1930's style Ice Cream Carts.


Ana Ludvik

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