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Smiles on Main - Diana J. Whittaker, DDS.

Smiles on Main - Diana J. Whittaker, DDS.


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When was the last time you looked forward to seeing your dentist?  For the patients of Smiles on Main Street the answer is often "always."  Dr. Diana Whittaker is taking over the tradition started by Dr. Penny Flury of treating all of her patients like family.  Sure, the staff at Smiles on Main are exceptional in their treatment.  Of course Dr. Whittaker is highly skillful, highly trained, and gentle.  But what we feel makes our office special is the way you feel while you are here.  We believe that good oral health starts with you loving your dentist and your dentist's office loving you!  Like Dr. Penny always said, "It's something to smile about."



Diana Whittaker DDS

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