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Persevere Allied Health Institute, LLC.

Persevere Allied Health Institute, LLC.


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How did I get started, well, I started in healthcare about 20 years ago and I started as a home health care aid. Shortly thereafter I attended an on-site training program to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, right her in Plymouth! A

nd from there I basically moved up the healthcare ladder to operate in various different positions from Certified Nursing Assistant to working as a Patient Care Tech in a level one trauma ER at Detroit Receiving Hospital. Also working in a Cardio-Thoracic Intensive Care unit at the number 1 Heart Center, Cleveland Clinic. 

✨After working for Cleveland Clinic for approximately 6years I went on to become a Dialysis Technician and I did dialysis for approximately seven years. 

Once working as a Dialysis Technician, I knew I wanted to move further up on the ladder & being a nurse had always been a dream of mines, so I went on to complete nursing school; becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse. 

✨I stayed in dialysis care a couple years after completing nursing school and loved it 

As you can see, I have a very lengthy medical background, lol. 

✨After dialysis I went on to work in some nursing facilities, specializing in geriatric & demented care patients, mental health wellness patients & substance-abuse patients. So, that’s how I got started. 

I felt there was still more change that I needed to create in this world so that’s what brings me to today, keep reading… 

✨How I got to where I am today is because I knew and understood that a lot of the modern western ways of healing is not the most conducive to our overall wellbeing.


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