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Steppingstone, the School for Gifted Education

Steppingstone, the School for Gifted Education


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A Message from the Head of School

Welcome to Steppingstone, School for Gifted Education. We invite you to explore the Steppingstone approach to teaching gifted children from early Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Steppingstone was founded in 1981 and has always responded to the needs of gifted children. We understand their unique social and emotional perspectives. Therefore, we have fine-tuned the school experience and individualized academic challenges for them.

Our pace, structure, and content are inherently different from what is beneficial for the average child. Gifted children display an ability to learn rapidly, retain information, and understand complexities. They need an educational experience with a rapid learning pace that continually challenges their intellect.

We use teaching approaches and an in-depth study of a range of subjects to bolster their interest and motivation. For example, we have found that this method helps them reach their full potential, something that is seldom possible in other schools.

Gifted children benefit from a classroom with peers who understand their perspectives and jokes. They need friendship and emotional support that is difficult to achieve in a typical classroom. In other words, this may be the first time your child feels the satisfaction and joy that comes from being challenged by exceptional peers.

Our students graduate from the 8th grade performing in the 95- 99+ percentile for academic achievement. Therefore, our goal is to facilitate the development of talented, well-balanced, and motivated young adults who can take their place as the leaders and visionaries of tomorrow.

In conclusion, we welcome you as partners with Steppingstone, School for Gifted Education in “Unlocking the Gifts” of your unique and special child.

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Kiyo Morse
Head of School
Steppingstone, School for Gifted Education



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