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The Plymouth Fife & Drum Corps

The Plymouth Fife & Drum Corps


Non-profit Organizations Fife & Drum Corps


Fifing and drumming were used during times of war to relay commands to soldiers, direct movements of units, as well as to provide inspiration and marching rhythm. The sounds of the fifes and pounding of the drums could be heard over the cries of battle.

The Plymouth Fife and Drum Corps are made up of 40 to 50 students ranging in ages 12 – 18, who gather from Plymouth and surrounding communities year-round in preparation for their performance season. Its members are self-supporting and dedicated to preserving the ancient arts of color guard, fifing, and drumming through live performances at parades, historical and patriotic celebrations, concerts, cultural affairs, and other civic events.

Our music spans the 17th to 20th centuries with an emphasis on music played during the Revolutionary War. Presentations focus on strong personal and group discipline, musical excellence, and marching precision. The Corps’ music features medleys of traditional tunes rearranged into three and four-part harmonies. Drum scores range from traditional settings to a more contemporary rudimental idiom, occasionally borrowing elements from modern drum and bugle corps.



Julie Brunzell

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